Instead of flying out of Israel, one girl and I chose to change our flights and head into Egypt. We took a bus down to Eilat where we were issued Visas to visit Egypt. On the very long bus ride to Cairo we were stopped by security a few times and our luggage was inspected. We also drove under the Suez Canal which was pretty cool.

We had a hectic journey that involved a police chase, taxis and switching hotels three times. But in the end we had no choice but to splurge and stay at the Hilton Ramsey Hotel…at way too much per night, but it was where we felt safest.

We saw the pyramids and the Sphinx (which was smaller than I thought it would be), ate ice cream, road camels and people watched. We had our names in hieroglyphics put on bracelets

We took a train North to Alexandria where we stayed at a quaint hotel across from the  the Montazah Gardens. When we road the train back to Cairo, we were not allowed in the train car. Being women, we had to stand outside between the two cars.

Downtown Cairo was crowded, noisy and old. But, it is a place everyone should see once in their lifetime.

You can view more photo’s here

PS. Today is 7.15.2012. It is very hard to me to remember everything that happened or go into too much detail. I am sorry for the brief blog.

As this was my first experience traveling abroad and alone, I wasn’t sure of the “budget” aspect and encountering people from different countries. So, I spent much of the trip scared and constantly on alert. I would like very much to go back someday and experience Egypt in a better light.


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