Washington State

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Out of the blue one day Adam and I decided to check airline ticket prices to see what deals we could get to go anywhere…

Well, we found round trip tickets to Washington State for $200… from Florida

So, off we went, without even thinking of much farther than landing at the airport.

We rented a car, followed the road and ended up on quite an adventure.

We drove through Seattle and went to Pikes Market, took the ferry across to Port Townsend and stayed at the Haunted Manresa Castle.

We then drove the very scenic Highway 101..So beautiful! We encountered Rainforests, Snow, The Ocean, The Olympic National Forest and Big Trees.

We spent the night in a very tiny area of Packwood after driving across a bridge meant for ants to crawl across. In all honesty, the road was closed but it would have taken us a day to back track…so we inched across anyway.

We traveled through the adorable apple town of Wenatchee and had a fantastic Italian Dinner at one of their old Inns.

The next day we went through Leavenworth which was a cute as can be swiss type village where we did a little sledding.

As we drove further north we encountered a ton of snow and ended up staying at pretty much the most romantic chalet I have ever seen.

We snow shoed through the quiet forest and had delish room service at the Freestone Inn in Mazama, Washington.

On our way back to Seattle we drove through the mountains and ignored all of the signs requiring snow chains… Im mean, we are from Florida, we had no idea really what they did. After seeing the immense snow banks and sliding all over the road, we really did thank our lucky stars we made it down okay.

We spent our last night in the seaside town of La Conner at the La Conner Country Inn.

Our trip was amazing and a totally fly by the seat of our pants road trip!

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