Costa Rica

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Adam had never left the USA before so, we decided to go to Costa Rica.

We landed in San Jose and rented a rough Dahatsu for the ride across the terrain…really having no idea what lay ahead of us.

Our first night we stayed in the City of San Jose at the Hotel Colonial. It was a small place, but had a great breakfast and a little view of a street…not much more.

We then headed on a very windy highway up to the Arenal Volcano. We did not have a GPS, only Adam navigating with a map. We stayed at the most beautiful little cabin at the base of the Volcano, Hotel Lomas del Volcan

We hiked the around the forests, crossed foot bridges and ate wonderful Tico food.

We then headed south to Dominical. We ended up taking an extremely long and  bumpy road, the Pan American Highway.

We stayed at the Bella Vista Lodge and although it wasn’t the most modern and clean Lodge…it was up high, with a beautiful view and a great hammock to lay on.

The owner hooked us up with a horseback ride to the largest waterfall we have ever seen…it was up close, personal and poetic.

For our last two nights we decided to class things up a bit and stayed at the Double Tree Resort Puntarenus. (Which, FYI, if you are on vacation, you should really spend more time experiencing the natural elements a country has to offer not just stay in the all inclusive resorts. If you do, it is pretty much worthless to visit a new country, you will never see how the locals live and what the country is all about.)

We used Calypso Cruises and took a boat ride to Tortuga Island. There was no Jack Sparrow, but it was beautiful…and we ate the best homemade ceviche.

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