Rid of it all

Well, (it’s Nicole) it has been a busy week of preparations for our trip. We have sold over $600.00 on ebay of clothes and drapes etc and our garage sale has brought in a little over $200.00 so far. Here is a great picture of Adam in his glory at our garage sale.

Anyway, as for our trip out of here we have had a few surprises this week and an incite on Korean culture. We were told Monday we had not done part of our paperwork correctly, so a trip to fedex and $80 dollars in fedex fees later we sent more documents off to Tallahassee for Apostillizing and then the forms for them to send it directly to Korea. We were told that we are cutting it very close by the school and they must have everything by this Monday.
Well, we rushed once again to give them everything they need.
Yesterday when I checked the tracking on fedex, I guess there are three holiday’s in Asia over the next few days and nothing opens again until the 6th…hence they won’t receive anything until then. So, when we look at our short time line in what still has to be accomplished we are becoming a bit worried. They say that it takes the Korean government two weeks to get our visa number. The consolate here says they only hold meetings on Tuesdays. That means that we will probably be spending our last Tuesday in Atlanta, spend the night there to get our Visa, drive home Wednesday early afternoon and leave for Korea Wednesday night…which obviously is not necessarily what we want to happen.

On top of that, we haven’t heard about Olive yet nor have we heard about our plane tickets. They say, “when it gets closer we can talk about that…” PEOPLE it is now 17 days away. The problem with the waiting is that I am paying my own flight over there this time (a round trip flight to come back for Nicole’s wedding) the closer that it becomes to our leave date, the more expensive the flights get. The school obviously doesn’t care because they have unlimited funds, I however do not. This also complicates matters when I am trying to get my Mom a ticket to fly back to Korea in June with me. The school will be buying my ticket this time to go back to start my contract, but I need my Mom to be able to afford her ticket as well..so the same issues apply.

Okay that was a lot of complaining and maybe none of it made sense…but it is definitely something we are running into and since this is supposed to be a collection of our experience to Korea, I must include it.

Anyway, I am off to help Adam finish up this garage sale. We still have a bit of furniture to go. (I hope it all sells!)


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