Next Stop…NY, then the ATL!

So we’ve had a pretty hectic week or two since the last post as we’ve been trying to get someone to rent the damn apartment which is still in the works, getting our E2 Visa interview squared away and arranging a trip to see some of my family (adam) in NY before I go. Well, we managed to get our packet out to the Korean Embassy in Atlanta, Georgia today which is the same place we’ll be traveling too next thursday which will be chaotic at best since we’ll have to leave around 3am to get there for an 11am interview. But by the time its over we’ll have our E2 Visa which allows us to legally work in South Korea for a year which is a good thing. Then we’ll be able to square away our flights with the recruiting company to South Korea on or around May 21st.

Today we leave for NY for 3 days to go see my dad, his wife, sisters and some friends i grew up with which will be awesome as always. I wish we had more time to chill than the 3 days but just like everything in the past 2 months for us it had to be compacted into a tiny cube to fit into our life ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thats about it but i did have a small epiphany this week that I thought i’d share. While I was sitting at home, half naked, playing xbox, eating eggs and some cottage cheese concoction I thought, are we doing the right thing? i mean, right now i get paid to stay home and not shower or shave while Nicole works all day! This Korea thing means going back to work all the time!!! What have I done!!!…..wait, ok, maybe thats not the attitude but it crossed my mind. i mean, other than Olives obvious misery when i’m around, i’ve become quite the housewife. Ok enough, i’m kidding but it gave me an excuse to photograph the moment and share.

Peace and Love all. We’ll have more adventures next week so tune in!!!!!


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