ATL and The VISA

We have Visa’s! Our apartment is rented and Olive has a plane ticket. Now, we just have to pack and catch our plane.

We drove up to Atlanta on Thursday morning, leaving Orlando at 2:30 am. I slept the first half and Adam drove, then we switched positions. We arrived in downtown ATL around 9:30. Our hotel let us check in early, which was fantastic. After walking 7 blocks or so we got the the consulate.

We sat down with the Korean Consulate gentleman and three other girls who were also leaving for Korea within the week. The man made the meeting a bit uncomfortable. He mentioned that as Americans, the procedure to enter their country is very easy and much harder for Koreans to enter America, but since the alliance between the countries is so long standing… He also said that American’s have the tendency to come over, drink too much, are too sexual, abuse the children etc… he had us freaked out that we wouldnt get our visas. But, twenty minutes later, all 5 of us were approved and we were told to pick them up in the morning.

So, Adam and I spent the afternoon walking around ATL. I have to say, it is a big city and I felt a bit out of place there. We went to the underground, which is not at all how I remember it and to the coca cola factory which was pretty neat.

Back at the hotel, we watched the Magic and ate room service.
This morning we picked up our Visas and headed back to Orlando.

We also booked Olive’s flight. She leaves Wednesday and stays overnight in San Francisco before taking a flight Thursday to Seoul. We will pick her up there an hour after she arrives on Friday.

So, it is all done. I am sorry I don’t write as witty as Adam…but well he is definitely more entertaining then me.

Tomorrow night and Sunday morning we have two parties in our honor, we will be sure to post pictures 🙂

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  1. I just want to say that you guys are representing America over there, so try and keep the drinking/sexing/child abuse to a minimum, okay??I know it’ll be tough, but I think you guys can handle it.


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