Our Gym

Adam has left for work, so I figured I would write today about the gym we go to. It came recommended by Shane and Lisa, two other Hagwon teachers from our school. Shane is a Megook, from the US (Texas), Lisa is an Irish Lass who leaves next week 😦

Our gym is a mile or so away, we walk there each morning. The vegetable market is right by it where we pick up goods on our walk home.

The gym is on the 3rd floor, but really it is the 4th (4th is an unlucky number here, too bad we live on the 4th floor of our building)

You have to take off your shoes before you go into the gym. You are supposed to have a pair designated for just Gym usage. Adam and I fake it. We take off our shoes when we get outside the building and then carry them upstairs and put them back on when we are in the locker rooms. However, you are supposed to wear flip flops or something there and take them off upon entering. Then, in your locker (which we all have our personal one to leave things in, mine is 520) you are supposed to have a CLEAN pair of sneakers to put on for only use inside the gym. Or you can do as the Korean men do, and workout barefoot. Yes, they run on the treadmill barefoot, and lift weights, barefoot.

The Owner is a Korean bodybuilder (see picture). He and his wife are very nice. She helps me with new exercises every day. All of the Korean men and women look like they have no muscle and are just so skinny, but truth be told, although their muscles are not defined, they are VERY strong. They have a few machines we don’t have in the states which I think would be a great addition to any gym.

1st we have the huge fat hula hoop, the thing is twice as big, twice as fat and has big nodules on the whole inside. The women use them to help give their body the hour glass figure (lucky me, I dont need the darn hula hoop for that and every time I try to use it, I look like a fool because it just ends up around my feet)

2nd they have the body shakers. They are machines that have these large rubber band things that you wrap around different parts of your body. You stand there and let it shake you. (its supposed to be for blood flow) I have yet to try it for fear of my body shaking more than the Koreans and the men dropping their weights because they’ve never seen parts like these move like that before, if you know what I am saying.

3rd they have a rotater (thats what I will call it) you can stand or sit on a disk and move your body side to side, twisting, to help stretch

4th they have, my favorite, it is a machine you sit ontop of and below you are these strings of wooden balls. You flip a switch and it moves along your calves, butt, or thighs depending on how you sit. It gives a nice pulsating sensation which relaxes your muscles (so nice)
5th they have, of course, like all gyms in Korea, clothes for you to wear. Adam nor I have partaken in this yet. But, our gym offers blue shirts for men and orange for women. They also have shorts should you want them.

Last but not least, instead of normal toilets, they have the oval in the floor (I always remember to go before I leave the house)
I only have a few pictures due to the fact we didnt want to be rude and take them of inside the gym. Maybe tomorrow.

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