Our fridge

I know each one of you readers are waiting on pins and needles for our next posting, so I decided to let you in on the makings of our fridge in Korea.

There are a ton of different foods here, but we haven’t quite switched over to complete Korean gourmet yet.

Some of our favorites are:

Tons of fresh veggies from the street markets. You buy in such cheap mass quantities that I have begun juicing like crazy. Today I had spinach and tomato juice, hand made with our new Phillips blender.

We also buy bread every two days. The loafs are from Paris Baguette. They have Omega and Grain bread. The slices are huge, but only come with 8 per pack, at 2800 won a piece, it is valuable bread.

The salad dressings are much different here, you can find honey mustard, but they have a strawberry flavored dressing, a kiwi flavored dressing and my most favorite, a yogurt dressing which is sweet yet bitter.

The juice comes in nice size bottles here, it is quite strong, but makes great old fashioned popsicles.

The flavored rice wine is what they call Soju here. It is fantastic..but not to drink in mass quantaties.

A few things not in the fridge… Adam’s Tuna

My favorite, spring roll paper (I will post a blog on how fun it is to make spring rolls) This stuff is amazing. It feels like plastic, but after a bit of water, it becomes a nice stretchy material perfect for crab and veggies!

Also, just a thing to point out, everything for the kitchen is made with suction cups (same with the bathroom) This is a neat sorting element I found at EMart. I like how the paper towels can go conveniently right under the cooking oil, since there isn’t much counter space.

In the bathroom, everything is suction cups with clips, that way towels and such can hang off the walls.

In the house the walls are made out of concrete and really keep out all the noise. But, nails don’t work in the walls, instead you buy hooks. The hooks have hot glue on the back which you melt with a lighter and stick on the walls. They hold everything!

Yes, that is Olive in the freezer (Adam had too much SoJu (told you it could be dangerous)

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