The Wedding

I know many of you read our blog for the Korean experience, but I must write about my friend, Nicole and her now husband Nick’s most perfect wedding.

I have known Nicole since she moved to Florida four years ago, she and I taught together. At the time I was dating a boy and we introduced Nicole and Nick one night over Cuban food and Bowling. The next day I told Nicole she would marry him. I should have put money on it because last night was the most perfect wedding I have ever attended.

Nicole is a very organized and crafty lady and back in October, I think within three weeks of being engaged she had her dress, our dresses, her color scheme, a location, a caterer, DJ, photographer and invitations in mind.

Thursday afternoon we had a bridal party luncheon at Park Plaza Gardens and the food was so yummy. It was the first time I had seen Nicole since I left for Korea and she looked great. She has been working her tail off at the gym and man you could tell. We had mimosas and sandwiches and were even given a cute hankie with a P for Pontillo on it to use during the 104 heat index outdoor wedding.
Friday we showed up early at her house, picked up 300 white roses and calalilies and brought them back to her house. We spray painted the tips purple, de thorned and de leafed all 300 and made centerpieces and our bouquets. The rehearsal went great although the priest was strict and didn’t like our shenanigans. It was quite hot out and Nicole got out her tears and we went back to her clubhouse and ate BBQ for dinner. For our bridal party presents we were given personalized martini glasses. I got a traveltini with the world on it and well had to hold back my tears as well. Her card was so sweet. I am so happy I made it back for the wedding.

Yesterday, Saturday, I arrived at her place at 10:30 for hair, makeup, mimosas and girl time. Then off to the garden to set up and get ready. Since pictures were before the ceremony, Nicole and Nick snuck into a little room to see each other for the first time in her dress and his great linen garb. She looked so beautiful and he was quite the handsome chap. We walked down the isle to Isreal Kamakawiwoole’s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Nicole made her entrance to I believe Lost in this moment by Big and Rich. The ceremony was beautiful even regardless of the heat. At one point I glanced over to the guys who were in black linen shirts and khaki linen pants, and all I saw were major glistening men. It was hard to keep a straight face when all of the sudden you felt the sweat drip all the way down from your shoulder to your ankle. But we all made it through pretty much without tears.

Although Adam was not able to make it back to the states with me for the wedding, Nicole was nice enough to leave his chair next to me. So, here is a picture of me kissing my invisible date, who I know was there in love.

The reception was beautiful and so much fun. The four bridesmaids (myself included) took it upon ourselves to liven up the dance floor. My parents were there and my Dad and I had the chance to dance. Julie the maid of honor produced the most special speech that made me tear up for the first time all night and thank goodness Melissa, the matron of honor, had a much more humorous speech that made them go away. The food was so tasty, each little piece of decor had Nicole and Nick’s touch. (each table was labeled a name of a mountain they have climbed or a place they have visited) At the end of the evening they were whisked away in a Rolls Limo.

I couldn’t be more happy for my friend and even more so that I was able to make the trip to celebrate it with them.

Congratulations to the New Husband and Wife
Mr. and Mrs. Nick and Nicole Pontillo

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