Wando to Sinji, Our first trip to the Korean coast

After being home in Florida for a week and not once making it to the Ocean, I decided we should take a weekend trip to the Korean Coast. So, Adam did some research and found the perfect spot for us to venture too.
Saturday morning we took a bus to Wando. It is about a 2 hour bus ride south from us. I couldn’t sleep at all on the way there, the scenery was so beautiful. I wish I had words to describe it, the pictures don’t do it any justice. Once in Wando we grabbed lunch at a local joint and caught another bus to Sinji-do. It is an island east of Wando. (there is a bridge connecting them) We ended up taking the bus to the end of the line, to a beach called Donggo. There we collected sea shells and enjoyed the view for awhile. The nice locals explained in broken language and dramatized gestures there was no where to sleep in the area except in a tent. So, they put us on a bus and spoke with the driver instructing him to drop us off at a different part of the island which was more populated (we were able to find a Bimbah, hotel, there). The huge tourist beach where we ended up was Myeongsasimni Beach. It is still not beach season in Korea, so the beach was pretty empty except for the locals. It was a little overcast, but not very humid or hot. We found a great Motel for 20,000 a night. We didn’t realize it until much later that we paid for two nights, we thought she meant two people. But, for 40,000 won it still wasn’t bad. We took a walk on the beach and ate a great local meal consisting of a billion side dishes, a fantastic mussel soup and rice. We then fell asleep for the night.
Sunday morning we woke up fairly early, grabbed some snacks at the 7-11 and took a walk up the mountain. We then changed and found lounge chairs and relaxed on the beach for a few hours. The view was exactly what I would expect an Asian beach to look like. In the distance you can see the fisheries (I imagine that is what it is called) All of the fishing nets were marked along the coast with buoys. The mountains were in plain site and the water sounded like heaven.

We have decided our next purchase will be a lightweight tent and sleeping bags. In Korea, you can camp anywhere. When we have a tent, we will be able to stay wherever we wish, without having to find a bimbah.

Enjoy the pictures

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