these kids are k-poppin!

so yesterday I had a fun day of classes and after telling Nicole about it she felt that I just have to share with you all. So if this entry sucks, its Nicoles fault 😉 Anyway, yesterday during my first class which is composed of about 10 kids that top out at age 11 (Korean years, 10 in US years). Together that can be the equivalent of a triple expresso shot mixed with a healthy doping of laughing gas. So as you can probably guess, the classes are amusing and exhausting all at once but i think they are pretty awesome mostly. So yesterday our lesson was all about addictions and “-holics” which started off interestingly enough when one girl didn’t have her parents signature on her homework because she said her mom was out late at a “drinky-drinky” meeting 😉 I figured it was relative to the lesson so i gave her a pass, and I really didn’t want to probe any further into her mothers private affairs. The lesson basically had us discussing types of “holics” and what they all thing they may be addicted too. The kids were quite creative in their responses. Some were more reserved, like “text-aholics, and “read-aholics” but the real fun started with “skirt-aholics”(but only for men) which diverted into a strange discussion amonst a few of them about men wearing womens clothing that i needed to find a way to hault but that was taken care of for me with the “kill-aholics” and “assassin”-aholic!!” interjections from the 2 boys in the class. I even had one girl tell me she was a coffee-aholic…..shes actually 9 in US years. I know that we had some others but I can’t remember all the creative answers, including a few that were in Korean that i’m pretty sure had to do with poop based on the giggles they received but I hesitated to ask. My next class is 4 boys that are obsessed with anything “death” related and 3 girls that are kinda the cheerleaders for the boys antics. That class was first about modern art which had them really engaged at the start when we talk about an artist that puts dead animal parts in formaldehyde and displays them in galleries. They though that was by far the coolest thing they had heard of. Well, except for a few scenes from the movie, “SAW” that they felt the need to act out as an intermission to the lesson. It was fun to watch so i allowed it for a few minutes. We then talked about art and the effects on modern architecture which prompted one student to ask if he could draw the “Chrysler” building on the board since it was in the lesson. I should have seen this coming when he asked for a black and red marker but i allowed it. The student proceeded to draw a relatively good rendition of the building but it wouldn’t be complete without a man falling out of the sky, piercing his neck with the buildings antenna resulting in a bloody explosion. The crowd was very pleased and i found it hard to act like an adult for the moment and joined them in applause 😉 I usually try to follow these moments up with an adult footnote on life and death but I’m pretty sure its going to be something they’ll grow out of….i hope. So that was a taste of my classroom experience that i thought i’d share with you all. Hope you enjoyed!

ah yes….one more thing for those of you who didn’t cath it on facebook. Heres a link to some music videos that the kids in class are currently into. K-pop at its finest!

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