we got soul foo, not seoul!

So when we started the blog we were a bit stuck on what to call it, so the name “Seoul Survivors” seemed fun and cool since it encompassed anything and everything we knew about South Korea at the time which was one city, Seoul. However, in our brief experience in this fun-tastic land, Seoul has not played a part at all and so it only seemed fitting that we update the title of our blog to something a bit more suiting and so became “with eyes wide open.” I don’t think I need to break it down too much but it’s been the theme from the second we hit the international terminal at SFO on our way over to Korea, open eyes and an equally open mind. With that said, we hope to open you up a little bit more everytime you read our entries ๐Ÿ˜‰Here’s the direct link to those of you who recieve email updates so you can view the blog outside of your email and see our new look….it is the coolest!



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