Dumpster Diving at its Finest

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, especially here in Korea. Our small two bedroom apartment came with very little furniture when we moved in…basically a bed and a wardrobe. So, we often keep our eyes open for special finds on the side of the road. We ended up splurging on an $80.00 green futon.

We thought it was a great splurge, just in case anyone comes to visit and needs a place to sleep. Plus,we needed something to sit on to watch Korean tube.
When I was home for the wedding, Adam walked up the hill behind our house and found the most ornate desk. It has beautiful carvings in the doors.

I guess I should explain “behind our house.” Up the hill, behind our house are I think three buildings of the typical high rise Korean apartment buildings. At the bottom is a huge area where they sort their trash for recycling. Plastics, Styrofoam, Cardboard etc. There is a special spot for furniture, so a few times a week, on our way home from work, we ride our bikes past there looking for goodies.

This is our “endtable”
The other night, it was a fabulous night, NO RAIN, we took Olive for a walk and then to Baskin Robbins for some mint chocolate chip heaven. We went by the treasure area and found a great sight, someone, it must have been someone older, had moved out, or had a decorator come.

There was tons of furniture. We decided to haul back a painting, an arm chair made out of football material which we have covered with some cotton material and a gorgeous tv armoire. The armoire has a secret compartment that we can’t quite figure out how to open. The TV actually didn’t even fit, we had to take the set apart with a butter knife makeshift screw driver and put the tv back together once we had it inside of the armoire.

Our house is now fully furnished. It is perfect for entertaining and we love it. We talked about it last night and realized that we can make our home anywhere, with any budget.
Enjoy and come visit soon!

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