Muan Lotus Fest!

Another weekend has come and gone unfortunately but we managed two fantastic days yet again. Saturday we went on a biking hike with some neighbors in search of a tent and sleeping bag that we will be using in 2 weeks when we go camping on the beach. We found a really sweet deal on one at a market not to far for 50,000 won so about $40 somethin dollars. The bulk of our riding was when we searched for “Home “Plus”, a mega-super-walmart type store that has some out doors stuff. We finally made our way there and although we actually went to the wrong one, we found a sleeping bag and some inflatable pillows. On our way home from the 5 hour bike ride we stopped at the Lemon Table downtown for a burger at the recommendation of one of our neighbors who said it would be worth the trip so we did. Pretty great food and a “not-so-koream” atmosphere which i guess at times might be nice to have a break so at least we know this place is here.

We made a pitstop along the way as well to pick-up Olives new name tag from the doggy cafe downtown. Here she is modeling the new bling.

Yesterday was the 2009 Muan Lotus festival which was really very cool. We hopped on the 9 am bus and got out to Muan close to 11am after taking several other buses to get there but the weather was beautiful with the exception of the heat. The location for the festival is set basically in and around a tremendous Lotus pond that is covered with these huge leaves.

Scattered about were the Lotus flowers which were very cool. There were also tents setup with different Lotus minded gifts for sale including this really sweet umbrella sorta craft thing that Nicole and Kaisa made which is now hanging in our kitchen.

And that ladies and gents was the weekend. On a final note for this post, today is our 2 year anniversary so a big shout out the girl who made that possible, Nicole 😉 “love you too much”

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