Mexican Fiesta in SO.K

Ok so yet again I have slacked which in turn has caused for you all to be about two weeks behind on our exciting lives. For this, I am sorry but alas, i am here, between my last 2 classes writing like a madman in hopes of making it up to you with a blog about our en fuego rooftop fiesta two weekends ago in honor of our two friends, Shane and Kaisa’s b-days.

The entire thing was really masterminded by Nicole since I do not have the luxury of a mastermind. However, I did take responsibility of buying the food supplies necessary for Nicoles fantastic salsa and spanish rice so I’m not a complete mooch. Speaking of food, that was somewhat of the idea with this shindig. Bring something spanish which means no kimchi and no ramen. The “spread” was actually pretty latino-tastic if i do say so myself. Brought to the fiesta was an assortment of burritos, dips, rice cakes (spanish flavor), cupcakes, ice cream, and of course the cervesas and Sangria which flowed like taco bell hot sauce the whole night.

No fiesta would really be complete without Maracas and a Pinata which was so pain stakingly created by Kaisa over the course of a week and then massively destroyed in 13 seconds by Shane but such is the life of a Pinata, verdad?
The maraca station was Nicoles idea in which party goers used paper plates, rice and markers to create masterpieces like thge ones modeled here by Brenda, Peter and Rupsha (Rupsha obviously feeling the effects of the Sangria allready, or maybe the Burritos, hard to say).

The location was primo on the rooftop which was coupled by some fantastic South Korean weather but without noticing the Korean neons that surrounded us and just focusing on the Salsa tunes you might think you had been transported to Little Havana. This ambience was also enhanced by Nicoles creative lanterns and tea lights that set it all off.
As the sangria with a south korean soju punch hit us, the dancing began.
Some of the Koreans we work with even came.
Olive partied like a rockstar
All in all it was a mucho bueno night for all and something we’ll definitely try and organize again.
Buenas noches!!!


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