Bigeumdo Island

This is Bigeumdo Island, the “Heart”

In Korea, a tent is the best investment you can make. There is no such thing as a camping permit or camping “sites” you just find a place, pitch your tent and enjoy your evening. Last weekend Adam and I embarked on our first ever real camping trip.

20 of us set off for Bigeumdo Island on a 5:20 am bus to celebrate friendship and say farewell to some teachers heading onto their next journey.
We piled onto a bus headed for Mokpo, then took a 3 hour ferry to Biguemdo Island. We sailed through the Yellow Sea heading basically due west.
The men had a pull up competition, in which my beastly beau schooled everyone (I was so proud, and had no doubts!)
While I slept
When we arrived at the island we hailed three minivan/cabs to drive us to the “heart shaped island”
The view from our tent
Some of our group chose to rent out huts for 35,000W for the night, but we decided to use our brand new tent. We set it up on a little patch of beach along with another couple.
(We bought our tent at a market in Gwangju for 50,000W, great deal)
We spent the day laying in the sun, snoozing, reading, swimming, socializing. The boys played soccer, a korean game that is like volleyball with soccer rules, and frisbee. We cooked dinner by neat little propane stoves and enjoyed the scenery.
There was a bonfire lit right outside of our tent, soju and beer were had by our lot.
There was even some sparkler action
By 2:30 in the morning, after a few went for an icy swim (not I) everyone finally went to bed.
Adam and I were up super early with the sun, cooked breakfast, had a great picnic and hiked the curvy road.
I then took a nap on the beach and Adam did some exploring. He took some great shots of natures wonders.
Of course, at the bus station, there was a great sign on the door.
We could the 3:40 ferry back to Mokpo and were home by 10pm.
Immediately following the trip, we went to the camping supply shop and bought a ton of great gadgets for our own trip and now, tomorrow morning, we are off to Bogildo Island to camp by ourselves for the first time…and we are going to take Olive with us!

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  1. Love the pics.And give me a year of working out in a gym and I'll go head to head for the chin-ups . . . Yes, I need a year, sigh.Excellent blog. I'm adding it to my sidebar.Take care,J


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