Bogildo Rocks!

no really, rocks, flippin everywhere! Not a drop of sand.

So now that i’ve got your attention with my catchy headline i’ll wisk you away with Nicole and i on our latest adventure to Bogildo Island, South Korea!

We decided after last weekends camping trip that we wanted to try it out solo so we headed due south about 3 hours to Bogildo. The day started about 9am with some breakfast because I love eating breakfast more than most people love their own kids and its just that important. We hopped the 10:15am bus to Wando and then took a ferry over to Bogildo which was fun, especially when Olive pissed all over the deck (oh….right, Olive came with us ;)…). The weewee was the only snafoo on the trip however as we made it to Bogildo about 1:30pm locked and loaded for some serene beach campin.

So as I previously mentioned, this beach was unique in that it is entirely covered in small, medium and large rocks. This was a bit daunting at first but once we started the trek to our site we found the rocks to be pretty forgiving on the feet and the absence of sand actually made for a very easy camping experience.

We found a spot way down the beach away from anyone else and setup shop for the day. After that we took a walk down the shore a bit towards some huge boulders in the water and watched Olive bark at the waves.

We then into the small town nearby and met some lil ones who were fascinated by little Olive and tagged along with us for a bit.

After picking up some OJ, Soju and roman candles….yes, roman candles, we headed back to make some dinner and relax. On our way back we were flagged down by some Koreans who offered us some seafood, fresh oysters, rice cakes, fruit, and Korean wine which was nice. We chilled with them for a bit and tried to talk but the main attraction was yet again, Olive. One woman that was there actually had two yorkies….unbelievable.

Since we were so pumped to do the campin thing this weekend, we picked up this supercool compactable burner and pot set that Nicole used to make curry rice and soy dogs for dinner while I gathered the wood for our campfire.

Both were a success as we ate, drank and watched the fire for a bit until it was dark enough to shoot off the fireworks. The sounds that this beach made were absolutely stunning. The echo of the tide off the rocks sounded like a f15 fighter jet repeatedly flying overhead which in theory wouldn’t seem peacful at all, but it really was. We shot off our roman candles a bit later and then packed it in for the night falling asleep to the sound of the South Sea.

We woke up, did breakfast and a short hike down the beach before breaking down the camp and heading back home. On our beach walk Nicole was midly molested by an Ajuma who camly walked up to her and hugged her while mostly grabbing her ass. As I have quickly learned, the Ajuma’s do what they want here and thats just how it goes so i politely smiled at her actions and bowed as she walked off, obviously pleased with her interaction with Nicole and I. Our other Ajuma friend was more interested in Olive and when all attempt at language had been exhausted, she threw a rock at Olive….which i found fun and entertaining…Nicole, not so much. I think she just wanted to play with Olive but Nicole felt otherwise.

So that was our weekend, we ferried it back and made it back home by about 6:30pm Sunday night. Hope you all have a fantastic week. I will leave you with a quote from my buddy Henry David Thoreau who has been a fan fav of mine since reading Dead Poets Society to the kids at school….

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.”


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