At least once a day think to myself…”While everyone is home sleeping, we are…”
Today, we went shopping!

Well, we were supposed to go camping in the mountains but didn’t wake up in time to catch the bus, so we decided to go on a shopping spree…well Adam took me on a shopping spree.

Our first stop, the bikes store.
We traded mine in for a newer more rough and tough model, a Lespo Typhoon DX Dual Suspension, whatever all that means, all I know is I was whizzing around town and barely felt the rocky streets of Gwangju.

We rode downtown and hit the jean shop. For all of you who know me, you know I am a bit curvy and short which put a real damper on jean shopping in the states, but for some reason, here…second pair of jeans I tried on…BAM! they fit awesome.

Off to Timezone we went which is a cheap fun store where I picked up a second pair of jeans for 11,000 won and a new orange purse..but ladies and gentlemen…hold your breath…the purse is made by a company called…Damiano Italy!!! So, of course I just had to have it, (its Adam’s last name, in case you didn’t know)

Then we went to Skinfood where Adam did buy some tea tree wash for his face and I bought a fun peach mask which I am wearing now as I type this blog.

All in all, very productive and fun day! What are you doing while we are sleeping? ๐Ÿ™‚


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