Sunday, Meeguks, Cars…Go!

Ok so its about 1am and Nicole can’t stand when I tell her I’m gonna blog about stuff and I don’t so i’m taking the initiative after a tall one at “Miller Time”, yes, there is a sports bar here with that name because everything that isn’t considered cool elsewhere finds a welcome home here in South Korea.

Ok so let’s start with Sunday which was a pretty relaxed day to start but after a quick hike up the ridge by myself as Nicole power napped we decided to venture out on a bike ride to the west side to check out the scene on a very pretty afternoon.

Actually lets back it up because its important. There are certain times when pictures must be taken and unfortunately they come at the expense of Nicole pride and so i will share them as they really effect me in no way ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here are some shots from the weekend that Nicole would prefer i not share….and therefore I will because we all love to do things we’re not supposed too!

This first series is something I call “midnight kung-fu” where Nicole is very asleep and seemingly engaging in some sort of martial arts as it seems……enjoy.

Next we catch Nicole highlighting the reasons why the Nintendo Wii has become such an effective tool for those of us who want a more “active” video game experience. Her trusty sidekick Olive obviously agrees.
Lastly, imagine if you caught your favorite celeb brushing his or her teeth while crouched down in the bathroom, it might look something like this no?
Alright so where was I? oh right, I hiked the ridge while nicole napped which was pretty sweet especially now that I own some kickin hikin shirts just like the other fellow Korean’s so I proudly marched my way up the ridge seeking approval from the masses, which I think I received. Basically these shirts are made of light jersey material which actually keeps me from sweating so I bought 6 of them and made them my weekend uniform from here on out. Here’s a few quick shots from the excursion.
After my return Nicole was rested enough for a biking trip to the west side where we tested out the new whip yet again and caught a glimpse of Mudeung Stadium (Home of the Kia Tigers Baseball Team), Jungoe Park, The Gwangju Art Center and the Biennale Exhibition Hall. The bulk of our journey takes us along the Gwangjucheon stream which we use as our guide to get home. Its a nice ride away from the roads where lots of locals walk, fish, bike and relax.

Now no trip would be complete without a dinner at a western franchise restaurant so weren’t we in luck to find “outback steakhouse” on the way home! I love steak as much as the next guy but Nicole made me feel like we were about to eat at the Ritz she was so excited.

So that was our Sunday and as always we were pretty damn happy with our weekend..
(Not sure why this is blue now but I think its fun so i’m gonna keep it) Now, as a bonus i’m going to rant on something else since its been buggin me since we got here. Now I know that as a foreigner here its kinda cool in a way to get that “oh my god an American (or Canadian)” thing that the locals do and it feels kinda cool but I have an issue with something. This one goes out to all the foreigners that literally break their necks to avoid eye contact with any other foreigners as there is some ungodly fear of knowing that he or she speaks the same language and will want to talk to me! Listen, i don’t need to be your friend, but for christ sakes, don’t go out of your way to avoid us! I try and say hello to every foreigner I see which doesn’t entail a convo, just a polite hello and i’m on my way. Its really odd how anyone who’s not Korean seems very uneasy around those who they confront that are obviously not from around here. My honest thought is that people really begin to grow accustomed to the fact that they cannot fully communicate with those around them so why try when approached by one who can? Well, there in lies my issue. I think its crap so when you see these faces…..

Say Hello!!!!!
Ok, enough of that. One last though because we feel the need to tell you everything. Just because it came up in conversation the other day between Nicole and I, we want to share our latest car obsessions. While Nicole is currently excited about the latest super sub-compact Daewoo Matiz, i’ve got a fairly inappropriate sized crush on the 2009 British Drivers Car of the Year, the New Lotus Evora.
Here they are (not that you really care which is the beauty of a blog, you have no choice in the matter ;))
Ok, enough for now. I will leave you with a new Walt Whitman quote I discovered today that i think we should all burn into our minds because life is a gift, always. Thanks for reading and keeping up with us!
“To me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle.”

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