Goodbye Kimchi Festival

This year was to mark the 15th Annual Gwangju Kimchi Festival. The festival is all about kimchi – you can make it, dance with it, and even paint it. There are folk games and a hanbok fashion show, along with gayageum performances…BUT the Swine has taken over. I am bummed. It is the one HUGE nationwide festival that our city hosts and we will miss it. I am happy to report, or sad I guess to announce that festivals all over the country are being canceled left and right to keep a mass of people out of one area, just in case.
Here in Korea it is called the SI Flu. Korea is going nuts over it. Yesterday the news reported that there have now been 8 deaths in the country. They have also reported a total of 9,968 cases since May 2. People are wearing masks, our schools have signs all over about washing hands and the second a kid sneezes we send them home. We are also not allowed to turn on the air conditioners at our school for fear of the kids catching a chill..hence Swine.

I am sure countries all over the world are beginning to go into crazy mode with flu season approaching. Adam and I are drinking our vitamin C powder daily at work and working out to keep our immune systems up.

We are heading to the mountains in the morning for a hiking/camping trip, so we will be sure to stay away from people πŸ™‚



  1. Word now is the festival is back on, as is the Chungjangno one. Some festivals are being cancelled while others have switched course. If you haven't gone to the kimchi festival, it's all right, give it a try. This year it's at the World Cup Stadium, which should be different.


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