Hello Byeonsan!

Welcome back earthlings to another exciting adventure featuring your two favorite meeguks. Today’s tale brings us to the lovely area of Buan, Byeonsan and Gyeokpo where we set off for a weekend of serious hiking and camping along one of the countries only eastern locals to feature mountains and beach all in one. Super!

So we hopped out at 10:45 and headed out. Our transfer point in Buan to our next bus led us a rather interesting encounter with some mysteriously strange looking, yet happy older Korean woman who although were quite sure we knew nothing of what they spoke, continues to speak to us in Korean for a good portion or the ride to Byeonsan. The highlight of this one sided conversation was the part about Nicole’s boobs. It seemed like a good ice breaker in the eyes of the women to compliment them. When a first attempt at equating them to eggs by repeating”egga” over and over failed, the obvious thing for the somewhat mexican-korean woman sitting next to us to do was take a handful of her own brand and squeeze in hopes that we would understand. I did, and I have been reliving the moment ever since unfortunately.
Here’s a spy shot by Nicole of one of the women. (We just didn’t know what might happen if they saw us take it so we did it on the sly)

So we arrived at Byeonsan with our sights set on first seeing the gorgeous waterfall that we had seen in our travel book. On the way we passed this lovely temple. The beauty of South Korea sometimes is the fact that this temple was in my mind absolutely brilliant yet it sat at the foot of a mountain completely alone and at peace. Just makes me think of how many things i’ve seen that way back home…ever.

So after about an hour hike we made it to the waterfall!!!…..or maybe we should call it a water trickle since thats a more accurate description of what we saw. Unfortunately during the early and mid summer months are the best times for viewing as the water levels are much greater. Oh well.

After a few short breaks to rest our pack holding backs we made it upwards to the peak that overlooked a fantastic view of the valley and beach below. While at the top we clapped for the other Koreans that were reaching the summit around the same time. I’m proud to say that we both made it to the top with way more crap strapped to us than any of them. Which may not exactly prove anything but i thought i’d mention it.

Once we made it to the bottom we visited the 400 year old Naesosa temple which was really incredible as well. Nicole even made a wish by balancing a small stone on the top of another small rock pile.

After some lunch we hopped a bus to Gyeokpo Beach to find a spot to setup camp for the night and rest our outrageously tired legs, shoulders, arms….well, everything. We made it to Gyeokpo around 6ish which reminded us of a Daytona Beach-esque type of town but with its own kinda cool every nonetheless. We walked along the beach for a bit in search of dry sand for a bit but would soon find out that there really wasn’t any and with the sun going down and the buggies comin out we opted for the less rugid approach and grabbed a motel room for the night.
There was however, a beautiful sunset.

Not the prettiest place but the bed was all we needed to pass out on and so we did.

The next day we woke up and utilized some of our camping food and stove to prep breakfast before we headed out to hike the beach area.

The Chaeseokgang Seashore was by far one of the most interesting looking places i’ve ever seen on a shoreline. The krags and rocks looked like something you would find if you traveled to mars. We carefully hiked the length of it for about an hour and then grabbed a bus back to Buan to spend the rest of our day before catching the later bus back home.

Our highlight from Buan was probably our 2 hour chill session in front of the family mart sippin on some team and soda while we awaited our 4pm bus home. Here we are, chillen.

And so that about wraps up this one folks! A massively great weekend that we are glad to have shared with you all here. Hope you enjoyed. We’ll send you out with a music video care of Nicoles showing the rest of our snazzy shots 😉 See you soon and have a great week!

-adam and nicole


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