Ajumma’s at Emart

I don’t think it matters how many times I spell the word Ajumma, I never spell it the same way twice nor do I know the correct spelling.

Last night Kaisa, a girl I work with, and I went to Emart. Emart is like our walmart, 3 floors of heaven. We were grocery shopping. Of course with the greatest grocery etiquette every Korean looked in our buggie. Two ajummas stopped us and began to speak with us. When I say speak, I mean we had a conversation with our minimal korean and their minimal english. Basically they looked in our cart and were nodding their heads saying ahh ahh. Then they said Canada, we said no meegook, (which is American) they thought this was impossible based on their expressions and tone of voice, motioning that we were way to short and skinny to be a Meegook. They said bap (rice) and made big tummy motions and tall lengthy motions. Basically we had to eat more rice to be tall and fat like Americans.
Then they walked around giggling and talking korean a mile a minute.
I thought it was great. Neither of us spoke each others language and yet, we had a full conversation. The power of presence!

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