A Girl’s Night Out

Let me preface this by saying Adam and I very rarely go out at night with everyone from work, we don’t drink often either. But as it is now 1:30 in the afternoon and I am eating a hearty bagel waiting for Adam to wake up, I think I should tell you a bit about our night, last night. Adam was recruited by a couple of the guys to go to a bagwon (coins) poker night. So, after work 5 of us girls headed to Miller Time (a fun little place, kind of like an ale house) We ordered 4 mechju’s (500cc’s of beer, they work in weird measurements here) and some Nacho’s and fried potatoes. Here in Korea, once you order something, more food tends to come as service. No sooner had we polished off the nacho’s, had a korean style spicy pizza and waffle came out as service, told you so!
Then the room got dark and the strobe lights came on, a silly Dr. Suess hat was placed on a man’s head behind us and they sang and clapped out the birthday song. His man friends then threw the cake in his face. Since we were clapping along, and we were the hot megooks in the room, the men gave us two beers…they then joined us for some drinks and broken English/Korean conversation. It turns out the man was turning 31 in Korea which made him about 29 ish…I don’t know. I was older so he kept calling me Older Sister.
They said that they were Civil Engineers for I think the company was Woopin. Then they practiced their cursing…shit is really important to them. I can’t remember what else we chatted about but then the cameras came out and we got some good shots thanks to our friend Kaisa. The men then picked up our tab. In Korea, it is also custom that on your birthday, you pay.
Then men walked us out around 2 and of course were impressed with our bikes and rode them around the parking lot.
It was actually a lot of fun. We rode our bikes home and said goodnight, but then I took Olive out to go to the bathroom and for some reason she was whining a lot so I kept hushing her and I guess I was rather loud because Rupsha, one of the girls who came out with us, came out into the hallway and was like, “Nicole are you ok?” I told her I was just trying to keep Olive quiet…for some reason I thought this was the funniest thing ever and Rupsha came over to our house and played Dancing with the Stars on the Wii, I love that we have it here with us. I guess I was laughing once again pretty hard because Brenda knocked on the door and came over too. We started reminicing and began playing music video’s on YouTube of En Vogue, Toni Toni Toni, Paula Abdul an well you get the year of choice last night…then we busted out with Tootsie Roll and the night unravelled from there. I finally hit the sack around 3:30 after a fun Skype call with my brother and Adam stumbled in around 4, with having not won the poker game, but obviously having a lot of fun.

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