Welcome back friends! This weekend, after a one day recovery session which was our Saturday thanks to an unusually alcoholic Friday, we shipped out to the Green Tea Fields of Boseong.

The bus trip lasted about an hour and a half through some lovely scenic parts of the country side before we arrived in Yulpo to catch the local whip to the tea fields. During our short wait we had the pleasure of chatting it up with one of the terminal staff who was very excited to speak with us about his knowledge of Florida. The underlying theme to everything he knew of the sunshine state was “dangerous”. Yes, dangerous alligators, dangerous snakes, dangerous storms, and yes, dangerous Miami (even though our reasons differed from his which were based souly on the gators).

Anyways, on we went to the tea fields which led us past a Mexican restaurant of all things (i’ll revisit that place with you all in a few). The ticket price to get in was a whopping 2,000 won (less than $2 for those of you nerds still doin the math) to get in. Once inside we hiked up a few dead end trails that were very steep which was in direct violation of Nicole’s orders to follow the travel book which said to avoid such things and opt for the easier and more direct paths around the fields. I just figured if this chick could do it….why not?

So after getting our heart rates up for no reason we walked the path everyone else took and began to venture into the fields. A very interesting crop these tea plants are and extremely well manicured into rolling tube like bushes that wrap around like ginormous green spaghetti’s. The vibrant green color of the field was something altogether amazing. The temp was cool and a little breezy which made it a perfect day for exploring.

After some casual walking and a climb to the top of the fields to catch a better view, we found a table near the shops to eat and try some great tea ice cream which we have actually had before but the novelty of trying it here was too much to pass up.

As a bonus, you also get to see what my face looks like through the center of a green tea ice cream swirl! lucky!!!! (creepy, yes.)

So we had seen about all the green tea we could handle so after picking up some of our own for the homestead, we made our way back to Yulpo and some Mexican!

Ah yes, the Mexican…..i thought in my head if there was a way to recreate this moment in a blog shortly after it happened and i’m pretty convinced there isn’t but i’ll try. So we get back to Yulpo which was where we saw the Mexican place on the way in. We didn’tknow exactly where it was but we figured it was worth looking for since we hadn’t indulged in too much latin cuisine since arriving and how far could it be? So we asked what time the next bus was, found that we had more than enough to spare for a good walk and some tacos and so we went. And we walked……and walked……and walked (now cursing)……walking (deliriously taking photos into a mirror to mask the hunger)……..

ok its not happening. The look on Nicole’s face was quite depressing when the moment came that we finally gave up hope but after walking for what seemed like an hour we turned back and searched for ways to cope with the sorrow that can only come from the denial of a steak burrito in our stomach.

Ah yes, here we are, the bus stati……..what….the……fu%$.

Yes, the Mexican place was right next to the same bus station we started from originally, and now, closed……

And so we boarded our bus, my own self worth in question and Nicole bewildered by our own dumb luck. But alas, its what makes this adventure so great….we have ups, we have down, and someday soon, we will again, have that burrito….oh yes.

Till next time,


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