Exciting Grocery Shopping in Korea

The other night, Adam and I were at emart doing some shopping and we wanted to share with you some of the many interesting finds here at the grocery store…

first, we have packaged fruit, most fruit comes in boxes or containers. these grapes smell just like grape juice. they have pits and most Koreans suck out the inside and do not eat the skin.
Next, you can find bags of rice….there are actually a ton of different kinds…and you can guy different seeds (barely etc.) and they will mix it in the bag of seeds for you. Most bags are 20 lb bags I think.
Another staple in Korea is tofu, here is a picture of the many different kinds.
and then of course sea weed. it is used in soup, gimbap, side dishes etc.
A huge favorite, red pepper chili paste. this is used in just about every meal and in every dish.
Yup, an isle full of soy sauce
And, Adams personal favorite, the tuna fish isle. there are probably 10 different kinds of tuna. spicy red pepper tuna of course, tuna for kimchi, tuna with potatoes and corn, regular tuna, higher grade tuna, mustard tuna etc.
So, that there are just a few of the local buys…there are also fish cakes, tons of live and frozen fish, rice noodles (i dont like them) curry and isles and isles of ramenemart is a fun way to spend an afternoon…oh and one more thing, look at the cute outfits that all of the sample girls wear!

One comment

  1. Adam, that is awesome. How long did it take to drag him out of the tuna isle? I swear you and Billy and tuna. Between the two of you, I can't even smell tuna without thinking of one of you.


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