friendly farewells……

When you make the decision to take a job overseas you know you are going to meet new people and gather a wealth of new experience. What you don’t know is how quickly you will form some pretty special bonds with those on a similar adventure. You also might not think about how difficult it will be to see them leave as contracts come to an end and they move on to the next steps in their lives.

Last night we bid farewell to Co-worker’s Jesse and Shane as they completed their last day teaching. The dynamics between the group are quite a bit different from what I ever experienced at home because although we all have different reasons for coming here, one fact remains, we are all living in South Korea and surviving everyday with the help and support of one another. Its all been about sharing stories about our weekly travels in this country to tips on where to get the best haircut without looking like vanilla ice or worse, a korean ;). We share some similar goals and learn to be inspired and inspire those around us everyday.

….sorry Rupsha 😉

As a new wave of teachers comes in you start the process over and find that every addition brings something new and special to the experience. Its been 5 months for us already and I know that the next 7 will be coming and going just as fast. And while I know that in that time we will again see some others come and go, its exciting to get to know all these incredibly unique individuals and take something away from each of them in our time here.

Best of everything to Shane and Jesse on the next great adventures in your lives…….

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