20,000 Eyeglass

Yesterday our friend Kelsey took us to Kumho dong, about a $5.00 taxi ride away to hit up the famous 20,000 won eye glass store.
I have been told by many people that eyeglasses in Korea are super cheap because everyone wears them…but you know, cheap is relative.

Once in the store I immediately started grabbing frames and trying them all on in a frenzy…frames for 20,000 won, like $18.00 lenses for $15.00. I ended up with three pairs (one of the frames was only 5,000 won!

The eye doctor had me try on the goofy glasses where she kept changing the lenses to figure out my prescription, then she had me walk around the store with the sexy things on. After that, we tried on some contacts, I got a pair too.

As we were about to walk out of the store, I threw on a pair of sunglasses for fun…well I instantly fell in love and well, purchased them too.

So, for 150,000 won or about $140.00 I got 3 pairs of glasses, 1 pair of sunglasses and contacts, including exam. I say, it is worth it to visit us, just so you can stock up on some funky specs!


  1. The best money I ever spent was on Lasik eye surgery over 12 years ago and I was able to throw away all my old eyeglasses. It was a bit pricey then, but the outcome was liberating and I still have the same better-than perfect vision the doctor gave me all these years later.


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