Dr. Skin

Natalie, a fellow yogi has been talking for weeks about Dr. Skin http://www.miso-clinic.com. She has been getting electrolysis for a really inexpensive price. Although electrolysis would be nice, I decided to visit Dr. Skin (really Dr. Shin) for my face. Yes, I am doing a post about something personal…but maybe someone else in the Gwangju area will benefit. I decided, being almost 30, there is no reason for me to still have acne issues, in the same places over and over and maybe the doctor can help me. So I made an appointment. Dr. Shin’s office was a twenty minute car ride. My co-worker Sun took Adam and I to the office so she could translate for me. I met with the Dr. He was quite handsome, the picture above is not a very attractive one of him. Anyway, he told me I would have to come once a week for 8 weeks. Every other week I would be getting laser treatment with the Smoothbeam laser and alternating with the Vbeam laser which would take care of any redness and discoloration I have…he made a zap sound and said ow. I took it to mean that this could be a bit painful.

I was immediately led back to a spa atmosphere packed with 6 aesticians (sp?) and 6 beds all filled with women…and me. My appointment began like a typical facial…the painful extraction kind where they wash your face about 15 times with different potions…then the sweet tiny Korean woman went to town and all of you women know what that is like. I swear I had tears pouring out of my eyes. Then, the used a warm mist..er and set that over my face for awhile. Then they put some clear gel on my face and I laid there for 30 minutes bored out of my mind. I couldn’t sleep and there was no music, they all work in silence. After 30 minutes, I thought I was done when they washed my face yet again. But nope. I was then moved to a new room.
Here I met with the doctor again and he told me ouch and put this gun thing to my face and zap. I felt like a sparkler was inserted into my cheek. He did this about 10 times to different spots on my face then sent me back to the nice room. There my face was washed another few times and I believe they put a mesh cloth then painted a white thick paste on my face which I think after waiting 30 more minutes created a mold of my face that is used between the laser and my skin. I was washed a few more times, neck and scalp massaged then told I could leave.

At the front desk, Sun spoke with the lady. She said it would be a total of 600,000 won, or a little over 500 dollars for the full treatment. They were giving me the redness reducer as a service, or for free. Which has a 300 dollar value…being a foreigner is wonderful. On the way out, Sun commented on the cute doctor and how many women had come and gone while I was in there for 2 hours. I believe that is it worth it. I am not a very vain person nor do I treat myself to too many luxuries. So, I am justifying this one. I do see though how using doctors to change cosmetically is addicting. While I was laying there waiting for one of my masks to dry, I began to think of what else I could do and how cheap it is in Korea to do these things. But, in 8 weeks, once I will never again have to resemble a 15 year old going through puberty…I will stop my visits to Dr. Shin and his amazing abilities.

The plastic surgery business in South Korea is huge. Most doctors hide their true profits from the government since barely anything is covered by insurance. Eyelids are I believe the number one surgery here. Time Magazine Asia says that 1 in 10 adults have had some surgery. Here is an article from the magazine all about the hip asian trend.

In 8 weeks Ill let you know the outcome 🙂

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  1. I haven't had anything on my face done but I did get laser hair removal for my armpits and holy hell did that hurt – especially depending on where I was on my cycle. BUT if it is quite painful tell the clinic and they may be able to add in a numbing lotion between all those face cleansing sessions.I hope that you get the results that you want.


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