Suncheon makes us famous…….

Last weekend after the food fest on Saturday we took off on Sunday to the town of Suncheon which was about an hour and 20 minute bus ride southeast of Gwangju. Our research had told us that the main attraction of the region was its picturesque fields of reeds that in the autumn time seemed like something worth a closer look.

Once in Suncheon we grabbed the 67 bus that took us to the Suncheon Bay Eco Park which seemed very new. The park featured a museum, observatory and a great boardwalk through the reed fields that led us to a short hill climb to get a birdesye view of the reeds.

After our walk we bought some roasted chestnuts…..

here is Nicole eating her nuts………………..anyways……

Unfortunately due a tighter schedule on Sunday we were not able to explore the folk villiage on the other side of town but before we left while we were at the bus stop we became instant television celebs as we were video taped by Suncheon City workers using a new interactive bus-stop information system to be aired in an upcoming local commercial…pretty sweet. Although we both realized after snapping at the film crew for not feeding us M&M’s with chopsticks that we weren’t cut out for showbiz……

So that was Suncheon, we may go back to see the rest of the town but up next is the latest installment of international adventure….Taipei and Indonesia homeys!!!! So stay tuned and thanks for checkin in 😉

check out all the shots of the day….

Click here to view these pictures larger



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