Taipei and Bali Bound

We are up and about to start packing, we have 4 hours to catch the bus to Incheon, but I wanted to post our basic itinerary of our trip. It is weird because this is the first trip I have not planned to the T. All I know is this is where we are sleeping…not what we are going to do during our days. In all honesty I am really excited about that though. Anyway, in 9 days we will be back with my brother in tow from the airport!

Have a great week everyone.


11/21 Flight 159 EVA Airlines Seoul to Taipei (we are spending the night in the airport hotel)
11/22 Flight 255 EVA Airlines Taipei to Bali
Staying 22nd-25th at the Bhanusawari Resort
Then taking a ferry to Mataran
Staying 25th-28th at Santai Beach Inn
Take a peddle hopper back to Bali Airport
11/28 Flight 256 EVA Airlines Bali to Taipei
Staying the night Dolamanco Hotel
11/29 Flight 160 EVA Airlines Taipei to Seoul

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