Egis?…what the hell is an Egis?

What’s an Egis? Beats me, sounds Korean, but it happens to be the professional basketball team that plays out of Jeonju that would be our evening destination this past saturday but first things first. So since Brandon is in town and had talked about catchin a game while he was here we found the closest team which happens to be in Jeonju (1.5 hours away) and bussed it on out!

Jeonju if you recall was the site of a miserable event a few months back where i had left our camera in the back of a cab and so i did have mixed emotions about going back. Once there I picked up a pair of sweet ear warmers thought and all was well….funny how completely unrelated events can impact one another.
So grabbed some lunch and peeped some temples before we finally figured out where to see the game from a nice little tour guide outside the Hokok Villiage. The game was at Jeonju University which at fist made us skeptical about the legitimacy of the leage but one there we realized that this was a pretty serious operation with some very enthusiastic fans.

The game play was pretty similar to that of an NBA game at home but the real difference was the well orchestrated cheering from the fans throughout the entire game. There is even a dude that leads the chants that included everything from Egis chants that infused some NKOTB to the rediculously funny scream to distract opposing free throw shooters. The Egis, as they are called are actually the current champs of the KBL which was cool and each team it seems has the option to play 2 foreign players which is kinda nice as they seem to be the only ones that can dunk 😉
The Egis unfortunately lost to the Cyon team 100-90 after blowin a 15 point lead but between the stripper cheerleaders, chants and groovy teg team mascot duo, the game was certainly a positive experience that we’ll hopefully get to check out again.

After the game we gave brandon the Shabu-Shabu/Soju experience in downtown Jeonju and then hit the arcade before the trip home. Pretty fun Saturday.

Sunday we awoke to yes….a great breakfast..but then, a brisk hike to Meudeung yet again. Now its one thing when its 85 and Sunny, but the chilly 30 degree air coupled with some biting wind made the climb a bit more difficult but nonetheless quite nice once we reached the first plateau. Unfortunately the group was falling apart at that point with my numb fingers, Brandon’s bum knee and Nicole’s stomach so we headed down a bit early but that was fine with all of us at that point. And beside….burgers at the Lemon Table awaited us which was a fine reward for our efforts.

We showed Brandon through the downtown area which was full of people as always. We even got to see an unscripted rock, paper, scissors display in action featuring a guy and girl arguing about going into a store that really captured the essence of Korean diplomacy. In the end, the dude lost, got smacked on the ass by his woman friend, and marched into Time Zone (a zoo of reasonably priced clothing).

its true………

that was the weekend….a whirlwind as always. Stay tuned for more on Brandon’s solo adventures in Seoul!

….and we still don’t know what an Egis is……..

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