G-Dragon is the Man

Korean Pop music and videos are all very entertaining. They are cute and choreographed song and dance. Usually there are between 5 and 12 members in every pop group and all of the music is very catchy. The kids have pencil boxes and stickers and socks with everyone’s faces on them. Big Bang is one of the most girl catching oohs ahhs and Oh my gosh bands. The kids love them, the teachers, both foreign and native swoon and make crazy nutty noises when G-Dragon is mentioned. G-Dragon is the main singer of the band Big Bang who has recently been making a few songs on his own. Adam and I personally think he looks a lot like a mix between GwenStefani and PINK who is a girl, but here, he is a legend.

I found the following from a 14 year old Korean Girls blog…I thought you may enjoy the information.

Kwon Ji Yong (stage name: G-Dragon) is the leader of Big Bang and a highly regarded singer-songwriter in the Korean music industry. His stage name originates from his first name; the G in his stage name coming from “지” (Ji) from his first name and Dragon coming from “용” (Yong) which means dragon in Korean. Since Big Bang’s debut, he won ‘Songwriter Award’ in 2007 MKMF (Mnet Km Music Festival). His composing skill made Big Bang the only boy band which has a producer as a member after Seo Taiji & Boys and Deux in South Korea, both popular influential groups from the 1990s.

G-Dragon participated in the entertainment business ever since he was little. He came out on a popular children show called 뽀뽀뽀 (Bbo Bbo Bbo) and when he was seven years old, he was a member in little Roora. G-dragon has been trained by YG Entertainment since he was 12 years old along with fellow Big Bang member, Tae Yang. During their training, they were known as GDYB and have done collaborative work with other YG Family members such as the hip hop group Jinusean.

Although the group in general is considered fashionable, G-Dragon especially is regarded as having a great sense of fashion. He himself has shown his interest by stating his desire to major in fashion.

G-Dragon has also released his debut digital single on June 30th, 2008 and his solo album (most likely a mini-album) is in the works and is expected to be released sometime in 2009.

Pendent: Jiyong’s favorite type of cap on a star meaning: “To become a big star in the music industry.”

*He & Taeyang are really close & affectionate friends, because they both entered YG at the mere age of 12, & has constantly been paired together, not to mention their (Almost) debut as a duo.
* Has 3 tattoos, one on his back, which says: “Too fast to live, too young to die.” 2 on his inner arms, which say (Right): “Vita Dolce,” which means ‘good life’ & (Left): “Moderato,” which means ‘moderate,’ a musical term. His ‘arm’ tattoos were done by Carey Heart (Pink’s ex-husband) at the famous tattoo parlor, Hart & Hurington Tattoo Parlor, at Palms Casino in Las Vegas.
* His stage name was taken from his real name, Jiyong. ‘Yong’ literally translates to ‘Dragon’ & ‘Ji’ sounds like ‘G,’ hence the name G-Dragon.
* He absolutely loves it when people refers to him as “Kwon Leader.”
* ‘Lie’ was supposed to be his solo song, but it was later changed so that the entire group could perform as one.
* His older sister owns an online clothing store called “Style Love”/”Style Luv.” Jiyong can often be seen advertising for his sister, either by wearing the clothing & having his picture taken for her website, wearing it casual, or wearing it to performances (Or in some cases, events).
* Jiyong’s childhood friend was, supposedly, Kangin from Super Junior.
* His habits are biting his nails & wearing sunglasses indoors.
* Jiyong’s most prized possessions are his shoes, clothes, hats, & accessories. He enjoys organizing them & insists that, “if you lose them, it’s hard to buy them back!”
* His number 1 speed dial on his phone is his father.
* He hates to read/hear people compliment on just his looks, he was to be recognized for his music rather than his appearance.
* Has a song named after himself in one of Perry’s albums.
* His favoritest body part is his collarbone.
* Jiyong’s most famous couplings are with Seungri & Taeyang. Taeyang, because of their longlastng friendship, & Seungri because of Jiyong’s playfully aggressive behavior around him.

* In the song This Love, he screams “J” a reference to his Ex who was an aspiring model.
* Created a group called Nuthang (pronounced New thing) out of his group of friends.
* He sleeps diagonally.

* His front tooth is chipped.

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