My Namdongsang is going home.

14 days flew by and Brandon is heading back to Florida in the morning. We tried to cram as much of Korea as we possibly could into 2 weeks. While we were at work, Brandon spent time relaxing watching sports center and catching up on his man time, but he also visited the Jinjilbang and ate at Gimbap Nara – he loved the Bulgogi. He also took a trip up to Seoul for a few days, stayed in a hostel, caught a KBL basketball game, rode the subway and talked business with some referees in the KBL.

With Adam and I, we ate Galbi, Shabu Shabu, ChamChi (all you can eat Tuna!), Gimbap, Cold noodles (i forget what it is called), Mandu, Tempura, Persimmons, Pears, Jeju Oranges, Mechju, Soju, Ramyen and Korean cake. We rode on the bus, subway and train.

Brandon couldn’t stop talking about the barber poles….supposedly stripes mean one thing…and not necessarily a hair cuttery.

We shopped downtown for glasses, more for me, he just got his fixed, Adam got a new pair too, we climbed Meudong, went to Jeonju, Nonsan and the dried persimmon festival. We drank makgeolli with old men in the park and snacked on seaweed.

I asked him for a list of his top 10, he insisted on a bottom 5 too.

1. The Food

2. Basketball Games

3. The Tuna Restaurant

4. Climbing Meudong Mountain

5. Seoul

6. Dried Persimmon Festival

7. Seeing me 🙂

8. Downtown Gwangju

9. The People and their Kindways (as he says)

10. The Relaxation

and now, for the bottom 5

1. Cab accident

2. Inconsiderate people bumping

3. Getting lost at the bus station in Seoul

4. all three of us having the shits

5. Olive peeing on my bed (in brandon’s words)

Honorable Mention – The spicy food

Anyway, I will miss him… but he must go back to take care of the kiddos , sandii and give my mom, dad and grandparents love and hugs from me.
Love You Brandon

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