It’s Here!!!!

Mark it down in the books, December 16th midnight…it snowed!!!
We have decided to do a Christmas movie marathon of sorts and watch one movie a night at the apartment. Last night we watched Fred Claus and a few of the girls from work came over to watch with us. As we all teared up at the end, with the kids all opening their presents and Clyde wearing his superman cape, we decided to open the window…just in case.

and if by fate or whatever, it was snowing!! we all screamed and yelled Adam grab the camera and we ran down stairs to sing and jump and scream some more like girls do.

winter is beautiful…i hope the snow lasts…there is 4 more days of snow forested!!! maybe it will even stay through Christmas.

I’m sorry for all the exclamation marks, but for a Florida girl, this is big news!!


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