Christmas in Gwangju

We had a nice three day weekend for the Christmas holiday. On top of making Gingerbread cookies with the kids at work…a few friends of mine from work came over and we made over 15 dozen cookies to give away to our favorite family stores and coworkers. We made Special K Bars, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Thumbprints, Chocolate Nut Biscotti, Pepperment Chocolate Biscotti, Toffee, Sugar Cookies and of course gingerbread men. The best part of course was the lack of oven in Korea and we made the whole thing using one toaster oven. It took us two nights until 2:30 in the morning to get it all done, but I believe the cookies were enjoyed by all.

On Christmas Morning, our time, Ad and I exchanged presents. He got me one of the wonderful glass tea pots which seeps leaves and a greta pink sweat suit…pink has become my color here. Adam loved his new watch which made me happy. Then, we went over to a friends house and ate brunch as well as watched christmas movies all day. After, we went home and opened presents over skype with Maryanne, Shawn and Frank. They sent us some great warm pjs and clothes all the way from Florida while we sent Shawn a say Kimchi Shirt, Maryanne a hanbook and Frank a Tiger’s hat and shirt. We spent most of the evening Skyping family back and forth. It is amazing the difference technology has made in our lives here.We did manage a few outings downtown, walks around the city and a trip to starbucks (there are only three in our city) we also went to the movies and out for some indian food. We saw Sherlock Holmes which was really great. Sherlock reminded me a lot of the Jack Sparrow character. Anyway, here is the big christmas light/tree in downtown Gwangju, notice the globe on the top)
We hope all of you had a great holiday spent with your family and friends.

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