Reflections of 09

As the year comes to a close I thought it appropriate to offer my reflective insight on the past 365 days.

Naturally, we all ring each new year with optimistic thoughts of what we plan to do more of, do better, or do at all.but lets be honest for a minute. just like those 35 new gym members taking up all the treadmills In January that magically disappear 3 weeks later, our good intentions fall by the wayside pretty darn fast as lifes bumps and grinds get the better of us. It seems like many of our new years resolutions are like roll-over minutes that we never use, so we recycle them again and again.

For Nicole and I, it seems like the past year has been a culmination of several new years resolutions from years past that we finally decided to make good on all at once. Travel, Get New Jobs, Meet New People, and Challenge Ourselves Daily have been just a few of the successes that I am most proud to say we accomplished in 2009. I call it our breakout year because we took the initiative to step outside ourselves, our comforts and familiarities into a life that inspires us to grow every minute of everyday and its simply fantastic to finally be able to feel that way.

In the grander scheme however, this new year will hopefully bring about some positive changes in the worlds financial situation and pursuits of peace in places of warring and violence. Im hopeful that individually, we have all found that the good of 2009 far outshined the bad as we countdown the final hours until 2010. As its been said far too many times Im sure.make it your most amazing year yet everyonehave a Happy New Year!!!!


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