Happy Birthday Brycekies

I know this isn’t about Korea…but we also spend plenty of time thinking about our family back home. Skype makes things so nice and easy to get in touch with people that it makes the “missing” part not so bad. Certain holidays and occasions make it harder than others.

Thursday my nephew is turning 5, he is waving at me in the picture. I remember the day he was born, I was out to happy hour with people from work at Ale House and my friend Kate Tate and I waited at the hospital until he was born. I was able to see him pretty much right away…and just like that, I became an Auntie. I remember all of his birthdays and now, I will not be able to be at this one… I shipped presents home and won’t be able to share his cake.

But, my Brycekies…I love you. (here are some of my favorite photos of him.)



  1. Bryce's birthday party was good. Bounce house, "spongebob" pinata, and plenty of food. Brandon was the star performer on the pinata in that no one could break it!! Everyone who knows you asked for you. Sandi spent most of the time running after Brayden. Lots of gifts. Overcast day, made for perfect temperatures. Bryce was a "perfect" birthday boy.Again, thank G-d for Skype. We love you. Love, Dad.


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