S.Koreans’ Life Expectancy Tops 80!

Life expectancy for South Korean people has topped 80 for the first time in the nation’s history.

According to Statistics Korea, babies born last year are expected to live an average of 80-point-one years unless they are affected by disease or other unforeseen causes.

The number is up six months from last year and five-point-three years from 1999.

Male infants are expected to live an average of 76-point-five years, slightly higher than the current OECD average. Female infants are expected to reach an average age of 83-point-three years, one-point-five years higher than the OECD average.

Statistics Korea also says that according to their findings, men who are now 45 years old are expected to live 33-point-three more years on average, while women of the same age will likely live about 39-point-six more years.

Cancer was found to be the deadliest disease for South Korean men, followed by circulatory organ failure and respiratory diseases. Nearly 29 percent of men in the nation die from cancer.

Circulatory diseases are the most fatal killer of South Korean women. More than 28 percent of women die from circulatory organ failure. The second and third deadliest diseases are cancer and respiratory disorders.

Information in this post was reported by KBS world radio


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