Haiti Coverage – sad really

I promise I am not one to bash someone or something too publicly, but I am incredibly disappointed in Korea’s news teams reporting on the sad disaster in Haiti. At first, Felicity (a coworker) and I were talking about how the Korea Times has to number listed and why on earth would they not tell people about the death toll. So, each morning I search the papers for what they have to say on Haiti here in the Korean papers and this is what I have found. Basically it is 7 articles over and over in the search menu. One talks about the 7 koreans who were missing from day one (but later found ok), one talks about the 70 koreans in Haiti, one about the 1 million dollars worth of aid korea is sending over, one about what Ms. World is doing for Haiti, another about the celebrity fundraiser in America and one about America’s history in helping other countries in need. NOT ONE mentions death tolls, NOT ONE mentions the conditions in Haiti, NOT ONE mentions haitians and how they are suffering, NOT ONE mentions the reality of the situation. The other day I asked my korean friend about the news in Korean and not in English and what they have said. She said that they have mentioned 10,000 may be dead.

Now, each morning, when I check the front page headlines in the Korea times and don’t see what I am looking for, I am really extremely disappointed at the “sheltering damage” (I guess you would call it) that the government is doing here. Then, I think back to Katrina and war on terrorism and all the other major world issues and wonder just how much of it is truly being reported here. FYI, this horrible cartoon was in the Korea Times this morning. This is the first time, about really the first thing that I truly have been disappointed in the way the Korean government works.


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