Watch out Vancouver! Korea is on its way

Every year we sit at home and watch the Olympics on our TV’s and cheer on the American athletes. We enjoy the opening ceremonies and don’t really spend too much time focused on the other countries. Well let me tell you this year, my eyes will be focused elsewhere…

This year, Korea is sending 45 contenders to the Olympics. and it seems, if I was worldly enough to know this, but at the 2006 Olympics Korea was ranked number 7 with 11 total medals, 6 being gold. The Korean Olympic Committee has set a goal of finishing in the top-10 in gold medals with a target of six. The total Korean Delagacy of Althletes, Coaches and Officials is 82, the largest they have ever had. So, like I said, Watch out Vancouver…SOK is marching into town.

Korea’s 2010 Olympians


Long-Track Speed Skating:
Male: Lee Kyou-hyuk, Lee Kang-seok, Mo Tae-bum, Mun Joon, Lee Ki-ho, Lee Seung-hoon, Lee Jong-woo, Ha Hong-sun.
Female: Lee Sang-hwa, Lee Bo-ra, Oh Min-ji, Ahn Jee-min, Lee Ju-youn, Noh Seon-yeong, Park Do-young, Kim You-lim

Male: Lee Ho-suk, Sung Si-bak, Lee Jung-soo, Kim Seoung-il, Kwak, Yoon-gy
Female: Cho Ha-ri, Park Seung-hi, Lee Eun-byul, Choi Jung-won, Kim Min-jung
Figure Skating: Kim Yu-na, Kwak Min-jung

Alpine: Male: Jung Dong-hyun, Kim Woo-sung
Female: Kim Sun-joo

Cross Country
Male: Lee Jun-gil
Female: Lee Chae-won

Ski Jump
Male: Choi Heung-chul, Kim Hyun-ki, Choi Yong-jik

Male: Kim Ho-jun

Female: Seo Jung-hwa

Male: Lee In-bok
Female: Mun Ji-hee

Bobsleigh: Kang Kwang-bae, Kim Jung-su, Lee Jin-hee, Kim Dong-hyun

Cho In-ho

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