He asked.

Adam is taking a nap and I wanted to take some time to fill everyone in and kind of reflect on the last week so I never forget. Monday morning, at breakfast, Adam and I were talking about our future, the next few years job wise and what we wanted. The subject of marriage came up and within minutes it was decided that when we get back to florida in december, we were going to get married. Basically the conversation went like this:
adam: “lets just get married when we get back”
nicole: “really?”
adam: “yeah, why not”
nicole: “seriously?”
adam: “sure”
then we kind of left it like that. all day at work I was flipping out, i dont know what other way to describe it. i didn’t know if we really were going to get married or if that was just one of our conversations that we have. so, that night when we got home from work, it went like this:
nicole: “are we really getting married in december?”
adam: “yeah, why not?”
nicole: “really?”
adam: “yeah”
so, we sat on skype waiting for everyone to wake up so we could tell them. and guess what, we are engaged!

here are their reactions:

some didn’t have skype, so here is me telling kim we were engaged! (yes the house was full of laundry, it is what happens when you dont have a dryer and two people live in a one room apt)

as a girl, i cant speak for guys, but we spend our life thinking about getting married, kids, weddings, love and dreaming that we will meet the one person we are supposed to be with forever. we date and date and date and hope that one will just be right. we suffer heartaches and lonely nights while our friends find mr. right and we wait and wonder.

i met adam when i least expected it. i was out of work and spending hours on my computer eating green beans out of a can for dinner when ad wrote me on facebook (yes we met on the internet) asking about my trip to japan. see, ad was looking to go teach in japan and i had been. it turned out we had some mutual acquaintances so i thought it was okay to talk with him. we talked, well typed and typed and typed. we ended up meeting one night for pizza and wine (our first date) the thing is, i never felt nutty crazy butterflies or lost my mind when ad and i started dating, it was more so just normal. just easy. just good company. he will tell you he was worried at first because on almost every date i would fall asleep on him, which those of you who know me that isnt surprising since i still do that. but, he was concerned i wasn’t interested.

within the last two years we have lived in four homes together, been to costa rica, japan, bali, and korea. we have meshed so well that i can’t imagine any time spent without him. he has become closer to me than anyone, more special to me than anyone (in a different way mom) and us getting married, this moment, seems so unreal yet so normal and natural.

over the last three days we have had so many conversations about love and how lucky we are. how we wish everyone else who loves someone feels it like we do, that it is this real love. we also hope for those who havent found it wait until it finds them because there is nothing like it. we feel so fortunate and instead of being jealous of other people, we just love what we have.

anyway, i am just so giddy and happy and feel that in this moment…my life is beyond the top. that i am so lucky to have someone love me like this and in return to feel this way about someone.

so, december 11, 2010 … i do.


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