College Debt

What a thing to write about just after my entry about us getting married, but I thought that you should know, I was reading an article about Korean college students in the Times today and felt a little jealous of Korean college students. The article states that the average students has about $10,000 dollars in debt after a four year degree. I won’t bring up my numbers, but they are a bit higher than that. It seems on average, American students have more than $27,000 in loans. I do appreciate though that the government stresses that education loans are good loans to have and that it should be a goal to pay them off. I am not sure how loan payments work here in Korea, but I will be paying mine off until I am 50 I think in America.

Anyway, the article says that the students sometimes take semesters off and work jobs to take the amount of debt down which is a great idea.

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