SoKo Bobsled Team makes 1st Olympics!

Just a quick newsy blog about something I found kinda neat as we approach the 2010 Winter Olympics. The South Korean bobsled team who began making strides placing 3rd at the 2008 America’s Cup has recently qualified for their first time to compete in the Winter Games in Vancouver ranked 15th internationally!

That might not seem like a tremendously high ranking but if you consider the circumstances surrounding the team I think you’ll agree that its pretty frikken cool.
The team formerly practiced on courses in Salt Lake City, Utah and now in Europe as they do not currently have a home course here in South Korea. They actually competed in the 2008 America’s Cup with a rented bobsled that cost them about $500 and said “USA” on the side with a team in which one of the riders was the coach. They now own two of their own sleds but cannot afford to ship them and so they sit at the tracks in Europe for the most part when they are used to practice.
The team qualified for both the 4 man and 2 man respectively and has a chance to compete in the event for the first time in history. Most of the new articles are focusing on the similarities between this team and the “Cool Runnings” story inspired by the Jamaican Bobsled team that competed in the 1988 Calgary games. This is an understandable comparison but i’m excited for these guys to tear it up and write their own amazing story in Vancouver. “Fighting!!!”
*Just a side note, but the Jamaican team did qualify and will compete as well this year.
thanks for readin

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