Fitness in Korea

Korea has been really good for me. I have pretty much stayed on a fitness regimen since I arrived and in all honesty am almost back to my 24 year old shape…holy moly! But the thing is, here in Korea, fitness comes easy. We now have the full on hiking gear, and it is even somewhat matching just like a couple in Korea should.

When I ask my students what sports they know, first they stare at me blankly, then, out comes taekwando in which Korea is its origin. Then they say ice skating (yuna kim) badminton is another sport that the kids play often, or even attend academy for. I have heard squash, sward fighting, boxing, baseball (the kia tigers being huge), hiking, yoga, biking…its all here.
The easy part about it is, is that our daily routines not only encourage exercise but almost demand it. On the weekends we head out on a hike, either close by on the ride or the mountain…the Koreans pass us everytime, high tailing it up the mountain decked out in their professional gear. We ride our bikes down the river…it seems to go on forever.

I’d never really even heard of badminton until we got here, but here, it is a professional sport, on the tv all the time and the kids are all into it. In PE at their public school they are even taught and tested on the rules of badminton, which I find hysterical…for some reason that little racket just looks like a silly toy to me.
Everytime we are in Emart, Adam picks up the swords and swears he wants to take a class.


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