so fresh and so cheap cheap…

For me, one of the best parts about our Korean experience has been the food. Living a day without my Kimchi is gonna be rough when we are outta here which is ironically, is completely the opposite of what i expected based on the advice I got from others before we arrived.

Anyways, i just had a thought yesterday after i hit the veggie market that we never really blogged about how amazingly affordable produce is here if you do it right!

As an example from my short trip after the gym yesterday is this hefty assortment of 30 eggs, 14 bananas and 20 clementines that I picked up for a whopping 10,000 won ($8.60)!!

Here’s the rate on some other stuff we’ve picked up in the past….

-cucumbers: 6 for 2000won($1.70)
-cherry tomatoes (lil ones): about 40-50 for 3000won ($2.58)
-onions: 6 for 2000won
-lettuce: usually free (service) if we buy something else
-sweet potatoes: 6 for 2000won

i’m sure there is more and usually, the cool lil ajumas(old ladies) will throw something else in our bag for free if we smile nice ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also, if we shop at the larger supermarkets (E-mart, Home Plus), the prices are significantly higher and we miss out on the chance to buy directly from the people who work their tails off to bring it fresh to us everyday. i love it.

thanks for readin,


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