Ram this Dodge

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with Korea, but I just got off Skype with my grandparents and my Papa was filling me in on some major drama back in Lake Mary.
Lake Mary High School, the high school I went to is about to be sued by Dodge. We are and always have been Lake Mary Rams. All over the school there are statues, posters, plaques, paintings dedicated to the all powerful Ram. Well, I guess that Dodge believes that we have used their ram and all of a sudden are court ordering us to change it…or else lawsuit.

Good god, how many high schools across America are Mustangs, Rams, Chargers etc.

How dumb is Chrysler, right now their financial situation isnt necessarily the best. Now, they are going to alienate all of central florida due to their ridiculousness. This is their time to embrace their inner Ram and go after the market of teenagers and their parents investing in cars right now…AND they actually are sponsors of the schools athletics department.

Here are some links to the articles. and another

Good news is that maybe I can sell my old tshirts on ebay for a profit, they will be antiques. just kidding, my old high school shirts are the best.


  1. They were talking about this on Real Radio yesterday. The reason LMHS is being sued is not because of the mascot, it's because LMHS recently redesigned their logo. By all accounts it's a direct rip-off of the Dodge Ram logo. They were saying that Dodge will pay for a graphic artist to redesign LMHS's logo so that it doesn't infringe on their copyright.


  2. The redesigned logo does look EXACTLY like the Dodge logo, but I agree with Nicole-They should have embraced it as a marketing strategy. As in, "sure you can use it if we get free advertising during football games" or something. They could have made it a win-win situation and made themselves look good.


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