Dress Shopping

I know that dress shopping and pictures are supposed to be underraps until the wedding day…but I think our circumstances are way different so…
Yesterday some very fantastic friends of mine met me downtown and we attempted dress shopping. I think I explained earlier that Koreans don’t buy their dresses, they just rent them and they rent them from a company that does “the whole package” So, thank goodness two of my special Korean friends showed up too. We went into a boutique and after about 15 minutes of negotiation, $70.00 later, we were able to go in. All the girls sat on huge couches and I went behind the closed magic door with Giana. They had me put on these balloon silk pants that the women wear under the hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) and Fredrick’s of Hollywood type chunky white high healed shoes. I would put on a dress behind the doors, the woman would hit the open button and bam I would wait for everyone’s reactions…sometimes completely silent, other times ahh. I think I tried on about 8 dresses. Most were incredibly over the top with a floor length veil and huge tiara…but it definitely was fun. I do have more of an idea now of what I want for the wedding, but with our time frame who knows if we can pull it off.

Regardless, these wonderful friends of mine here, have no idea how much it meant to me for them to come with me yesterday. There are some moments that you truly wish you could share with your family here, this was one of them…but with them there, it felt almost perfect.

(the rest of the pictures are under photos at the top…beware of some nutty dresses)


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