Big Hearts

I have spent the last week hacking deep within my chest, been to the dr. twice, and taken more meds than I have ever taken in my life. Today I was having a very emotional day and coming to work was the last thing I wanted to do with myself. I more wanted a ride in my old convertible out to the beach with my book, sweat pants and blanket for a day of reflection and solitude..instead I got a cold walk to work in the snow. Tina, (above – who is now about 6 years older than this picture) at the end of class, came up and brought me two homemade chocolate hearts. She said she made them for me. These kids NEVER give us anything more than stickers. I was so emotional that my eyes filled up and I hugged the heck out of her. She didn’t hug back, just stood their weird, so I hugged her again. Then, at the end of the day, as I was sitting at my desk recapping my day, Lina, (below, who has a great smile) walked up to me and placed a metal thermos on my desk. She said, teacher, for your throat. She made Ouija tea for me and had it in her backpack all day at academy. Ouija (Ooojah) is made from sliced lemons douced in sugar and sitting for weeks in a jar until it is almost candied. Then, you add it to hot water and let it sit…then pull the lemon rhinds out. Once again, my eyes filled up and I was so touched that she thought of me. Thank you guys.


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