Our next big adventure…BOOKED

As you may know, our contract here in Korea is quickly approaching an end… Basically at the end of June we will be done and have 6 months until our wedding….what to do.
This morning we booked tickets with STATravel.com to travel the world… a lot of it anyway. What else could there possibly be better than that?
This is our ticketed itinerary …
July 8 – Seoul to Bangkok – leave 9:35 am – land 1:25 pm Thai Airways (travel through Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam)
Sept. 16 – Bangkok to Singapore – leave 11:15 am – land 2:30 pm Thai Airways (singapore and a small bit of Malyasia..if time permits)
Sept. 21 – Singapore to Doha – leave 2:25 am – land 5:15 am Qatar Airways (long layover)
Sept. 22 – Doha to Berlin – leave 1:40 am – land 7:05 am Qatar Airways (travel through Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands and England)
Nov. 2 – London to Reykjavik – leave 1:00 pm – land 4:00 pm Islandair
Nov. 16 – Reykjavik to Sanford – leave 5:20 pm – land 8:20 pm Islandair

So, we will land at Orlando Sanford Airport on Nov. 16th at 8:20

we have no idea where we will focus on our travels or what we will see. But, now that the tickets are purchased, we will quickly finish up the wedding bookings and plans and begin to map out our 5 month adventure!


  1. That sounds like an amazing trip!!!!!!! I know you will have a wonderful, wonderful time!!!!! Are you taking another overseas teaching contract after your wedding? Will Olive be traveling with you?I have friends who live in Qatar. Be sure your entry will be okay with an Israeli stamp in your passport. The last time I checked I could not visit because I had one in mine and I refused to get a new passport. (For stubborn, ideological reasons! HA!) I hope you have an amazing trip! (Can I stow away in your luggage?!?)


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