Art Imitating Life on the East Side…….

As explained by Nicole in our previous entry, the weather’s been a bit cruddy and putting a severe dent in our weekend travel plans thus leading to a slew of less exciting blogs or lack thereof…and so I will provide one more 😉

I actually plucked this story from and thought it was worth a share due to its relative nature to some of what I’ve seen and heard about in Soko.
The article highlights a comic book character known as “Charisma Man” who’s plight for romantic success in Japan is quite a bit more lucrative than he finds on his home turf. The idea is not too far from the truth in my experience. Now..I am a taken man these days but among those single male foreigners floating about the South Korean night scene, I imagine that there are a few “charisma men” here too. The uniqueness of westerners, men and women, is fairly obvious and seemingly attractive to many Asians. Now, i’m not saying that goes for all Asians…I find that my facial hair is more of an obscene spectacle than anything else periodically but there is a sense of intrigue more often than not. The outward personalities of many westerners is also a stark contrast to the typically more conservative nature of the Koreans as well(unless the Soj is involved of course). I get the idea that this is taken as a sign of confidence and creates an almost rock star persona for many westerners which in turn can easily equate into a higher batting average..if ya know what i’m sayin. Anyway, check the story…and form your own thoughts on the subject.
thanks for reading,

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